St Paul Early Childhood - Enrichment Program

Event Description

Join us for 30 minutes of fun, games, and activities designed specifically for your child's development! This program will occur weekly on Monday mornings for the toddler and preschool classes starting on January 8th and running through June 24th. Enroll now through Dec 11th and receive 50% off your annual registration fee ($10). Coupon code: KIDO10 Your registration fee comes with a free t-shirt!. About the program: Kidokinetics is a unique and exciting program that introduces children (ages 1-10) to 20 different sports and several important physical exercises in a fun, non-competitive environment. Research has shown that non-competitive environments can help children gain confidence while trying new sports they may not have played before. Kidokinetics lessons are designed to incorporate age-appropriate motor skills into fun games and activities that kids love, without realizing they’re exercising. Along with developing gross motor skills, Kidokinetics also enhances physical fitness, improves self-confidence, and fosters a sense of teamwork. These classes promote a positive attitude towards physical activity and healthy habits that can last a lifetime!

Special Instructions

This registration is for weekly Kidokinetics classes. The monthly investment is $65 (4-5 classes per month) and will be billed monthly through the end of the program. If a class is canceled for unforeseen circumstances, we will work with St Paul to reschedule. Because this is a subscription model, you may sign up, cancel, or pause your subscription anytime. Please email with your updated subscription request. Please note that there is a one-time annual enrollment fee of $20. For further questions regarding classes, billing, and registration, please email

St Paul Early Childhood Center
420 W Liberty
Ann Arbor, MI 48103