Avocado Montessori Academy, 5th Ave NE, Bellevue (Mon & Thurs - Preschool)

Event Description

Kidokinetics is a unique and exciting program that introduces children (ages 1-10) to 20 different sports and several important physical exercises in a fun, non-competitive environment. Research has shown that non-competitive environments can help children gain confidence while trying new sports they may not have played before. Kidokinetics lessons are designed to incorporate age-appropriate motor skills into fun games and activities that kids love, without realizing they’re exercising. Along with developing gross motor skills, Kidokinetics also enhances physical fitness, improves self-confidence, and fosters a sense of teamwork. These classes promote a positive attitude towards physical activity and healthy habits that can last a lifetime! We will mix the following programming: 1. RUN THE BASES: There is no better feeling than running across home plate. We will learn the basics of what it means to run bases while we rotate between kickball, T-ball and cricket. Kids will learn basic skills for each of these sports as well as work on their cardiovascular endurance and teamwork. 2. NINJAPLAY: During NinjaPlay, kids develop skills around stability, agility, balance, jump distance and more. Every class is designed for optimal skill development and optimal FUN! Each week features a warm up, sport-specific skills and drills, free play, cool down and an age-appropriate anatomy and physiology lesson. 3. FLAG FUN: Watch your kids set a new standard with sprints, hand-eye coordination and teamwork using classics like flag football and capture the flag as well as high-energy games like flag tag, parachute and steal the tails. Kids of all ages have a blast playing Flag Fun with their friends! 4. HOOPS, SCOOPS & SHOTS: A combination of four popular sports creates a fun learning experience with: basketball, lacrosse, jai alai and hockey to learn agility, accuracy, flexibility, balance, endurance, coordination and speed. 5. TARGET TIME: A combination of bowling, golf and disc golf that’s sure to hit the target. We have combined these sports to emphasize foundational skills necessary to increase hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. 6. NOTHING BUT NETS: A combination of volleyball, tennis, badminton and pickleball creates a one-of-a-kind experience that is everything but ordinary. We’ll focus on hand-eye coordination, cardiovascular endurance and of course introduce the techniques required to play all four of these incredible sports!

Special Instructions

This registration is for 24 Kidokinetics sessions until December 14th and includes an annual enrollment fee of $35. For further questions regarding classes or billing, please email northseattle@kidokinetics.com.

Avocado Montessori Academy
1853 115th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98004