Late Winter 2024 - SportsPlay at The Elite Soccer Academy - Ages 2 to 5 + adult

Event Description

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Enroll in our 5-week session that begins on Fri. February 23rd and try five new sports! SportsPlay is a playful introduction to sports where kids get to have fun, get exercise, and build confidence! In each class kids are introduced to one of over 20 different sports and activities from a Kido-certified coach. Sports include pickleball, bowling, volleyball, scoops, golf, noodles, and more. Every class includes a warm-up, an introduction to fundamental skills of a new sport, organized games, free play, and a cool-down. Every kid gets equipment and every kid plays, every time.

Special Instructions

This is an adult interactive class for children ages 2 through 5. Adult participation is required and supports the success and confidence of your child. Adults can choose to transition to a less active role in the class as your child becomes more independent.

The Elite Soccer Academy
N115W19150 Edison Dr.
Germantown, WI 53022