Childtime Childcare, East Warner, Phoenix

Event Description

Kidokinetics is a unique and exciting program that introduces children (ages 1-10) to 20 different sports and several important physical exercises in a fun, non-competitive environment. Research has shown that non-competitive environments can help children gain confidence while trying new sports they may not have played before. Kidokinetics lessons are designed to incorporate age-appropriate motor skills into fun games and activities that kids love, without realizing they’re exercising. Along with developing gross motor skills, Kidokinetics also enhances physical fitness, improves self-confidence, and fosters a sense of teamwork. These classes promote a positive attitude towards physical activity and healthy habits that can last a lifetime!

Special Instructions

This registration is for 6 Kidokinetics sessions starting Sept 18th and ending October 23rd and includes an annual enrollment fee of $35. For further questions regarding classes, billing, and registration please email or call/text at (623) 888-8166.

Childtime Childcare, East Warner, Phoenix
5050 East Warner Road
Phoenix, AZ 85044