Wesley Prep Archery / Rollerblade / Wednesday / Spring Semester / Monthly

Event Description

Kidokinetics USA Archery Fundamentals program is designed for elementary children looking to learn the basics of this fantastic Olympic sport! Archery will give your child the opportunity to develop important skills such as focus, concentration, coordination, balance, strength, stability and accuracy. As an official partner of USA Archery, our camps utilize their nationally recognized curriculum. Lead coaches are certified by USA Archery for safety and quality of curriculum presentation. Kidokinetics Rollerblading, sponsored by Skate in School, creates a fun and healthy environment for young children. Rollerblading boosts youth fitness and teaches a life-long physical activity. Your child will develop cardiovascular endurance, balance, and coordination while having fun and building confidence. All equipment, including skates, knee/elbow guards and safety helmets are included. Perfect for entry level girls and boys!

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