University Park Elementary / Pickleball and Golf / Spring 2024

Event Description

Let your child take part in the Pickleball craze! Our program provides a fun and engaging introduction to the fastest growing sport in the US. Pickleball is the perfect blend of tennis, badminton, and table tennis makes this an exciting, teamwork-oriented activity for young boys and girls. The fun and engaging curriculum is great for developing essential skills such as agility, coordination, balance, accuracy, speed and confidence! Calling all future golf pros! Get ready to tee off with the First Tee Golf program. Are you looking for a fun and innovative way for your child to learn the basics of golf? Our program, developed by The First Tee Golf Association and backed by top professionals in the industry, is designed specifically for young children. With oversized club faces, color-coded grips, and target-oriented training tools, your child will be on your way to mastering the four basic shots of golf in no time! Not only will your child develop and improve golf skills, but our curriculum is designed to instill important life-enhancing values as well. They‘ll learn about respect, honesty, and perseverance all while having a blast on the green.

Special Instructions

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